$1B X-prize.

The continua provide the simple, unbiased metrics of personal experience and belief for any given topic.

Socioeconomic, physical and mental health issues are complex, multivariate problems. A metric that works across languages and cultures reduces all complexity to a single target: what generates the most blueshifted responses over time?

Elon Musk dreams about Mars. The Prajna Initiative invites Jeff Bezos to fund the development of the AI that generates peace.

World Peace is Greenshift.

Be the origin of the Blueshift.


Dr. Jason Maron, PhD Physics, Caltech
Dr. Tamanna Khosla, PhD Political Theory, JNU
King-Yin Yan, Hong Kong
Ra Young of NEKTR
O’layimika Oyebanji, LLB, Nigeria
Veljko Petrovic, Coder, Serbia
Rushil Parakh, India
Dr. Dan, Maine



Language independent human/AI interface.
Measures the quality of human experience in machine readable format.

Real time feedback for business and government.

Code of Ethics for AI and humans.


The UN lacks a global solution that is both authoritative and democratic.

A publicly and transparently managed QuantaVote provides it.


SapienGame is a board/online game that simulates the human experience.