While you were playing Pokémon, Joanna was elected to congress in Argentina to speak truth to power.

She has written extensively about leveraging the blockchain to build a new model for humanity. She knows tech, business and politics.

Trinity invites the major Tech Companies of the world to fund an X-prize to build the AI whose prime directive is to generate the maximum good for humanity and the planet at the lowest social, economic and ecological cost.

The 4th of July is E-Day: the countdown until we find social, economic and ecological equilibrium using QuantaVote.


Trinity, Nuclear TechnoQueen

Chris MacGregor, CEO Cordial World

Dr. Jason Maron, PhD Physics
Kiara Brisker, Kiki, Physix Radio
Lee Chanzen, GliderCell
Jeramie Huber, Structures
Dr. Dan, Xenopreneur



Language independent human/AI interface.
Real time feedback for business and government.

Code of Ethics for AI and humans.


The UN lacks a global solution that is both authoritative and democratic.

A publicly and transparently managed QuantaVote provides it.


SapienGame is a board/online game that simulates the human experience.