Dear Secretary General António Guterres,

The UN lacks a global solution that is both authoritative and democratic.

  1. A social contract between citizens and institutions of global governance has not been developed sufficiently to constitute a sufficient basis for legitimacy.
  2. The reliance on scientific and professional bodies directing the actions of the state is incompatible with pure democratic values.

In order to address these issues, the Prajna Initiative introduces:



QuantaVote provides a simple “litmus test” of public opinion.

The distribution patterns of sentiment can be displayed anonymously and instantaneously:

The heat maps generated illustrate geocultural differences.

QuantaVote increases the resolution of opinion in a democracy. Nuance, the voice of minorities and the last individual can be seen.

The ultimate authority: the voice of the people, can be recorded in a format that is unbiased, transparent and easily interpreted by Artificial Intelligence to generate suggestions to resolve the most complex social, economic and ecological problems.

We request an audience to demonstrate how QuantaVote can help solve the obvious problems of the modern world and look forward to your prompt attention.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Tamanna Khosla
Director, Prajna Initiative