Tom Ross and TAFFD’s

Tom Ross

President of TAFFD’s, a non-profit NGO and futuristic think tank dedicated to help people understand the benefits and challenges of technology and aiming to engage people from around the world to implement ethical solutions.

He’s the author of the US6 Hexology, “The first novel written for Human and Machinekind,”


Using a simple interface as feedback, the spectrum of human response to fight or flight, engage/disengage to various conflict or harmony events is recorded as a series of colors, a representation of the self in a “heat map” in near real time is recorded.

This provides a standardized format similar to QR codes of experience for AI to learn the human algorithm. Patterns of work, play, health, and ethics are recorded in a format easy for both Machines and humans to interpret.


We pledge a $10,000 scholarship for the development of the next generation of blockchain technologists through machine learning and the human expression interface. The pioneers of a new digital world will come from the continent of the origin of man.

The ethical license of Physix requires the donation of 10% of the profits generated by the technology to the IMP.

NEKTR will be developing the first derivative of SapienGame and invite Tom Ross to contribute his expertise to bring this to the AI world and TAFFD’s to ensure that the money is spent most effectively.

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