Engage kids with the world and prompt them to understand the vast differences between countries, governments, languages and cultures while emphasizing that we all share the same fundamental wants and needs.

ThoughtSticks, are a hands-on version of the how to program Artificial Intelligence to see what’s right and wrong, true and false.

A pair will be sent to every state and world leader


  1. Research state/country
  2. Color sticks
  3. Address leader of country in appropriate terms and language, include a respectful introduction and what your child thought was most interesting about that state/country.
  1. Flag
  1. Location on Globe
  2. Name of Country
    United States of America
  3. Capital
    Washington, D.C.
  4. Official Language
    English, many others common
  5. Government Representative
    Joseph Biden
  6. Type of Government
    Federal Democratic Republic
  7. Population size
    330 Million
  8. Cultural Customs
    4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving
  9. Common Food and Drink
    Hot Dog, Apple Pie, Lemonade
  10. Money used
  11. Products
    Cars, Software
  12. Games, sports
    Football, Basketball, Baseball
  13. Animals
    Eagle, Bear, Moose
  14. Plants
    Trees, cacti, corn
  15. Weather
    Tropical to Arctic
  16. Geograpy
    Desert, Rainforest, Mountains, plains, coast