Many systems have been developed to make better decisions. Attempts to codify the patterns of nature to predict the near and far future are found across time and cultures. With the capability of computers to read and interpret vast stores of information, the world depends on them to operate efficiently.

PhySix [Fisiks, F6, Ф6] aims to bridge the gap between man and machine, and provide insight into the obscure processes by which artificial intelligence comes to conclusions, while such a system for transcoding the nonverbal part of communication could improve understanding among people from different cultures. and different value systems.

Using a simple, attractive and versatile interface, it enables non-verbal communication of various data sets, from abstract concepts such as emotional states, sets of sequences of causes and consequences, to complex axioms and multidimensional feedback systems.

The digital record is designed so that both man and machine can easily search, display and process them, they are optimized for parallel processing on available, modern and futuristic processors, with special emphasis on structural data integrity and anonymization.

I Ching
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Leibnitz proposed that an ideal language would “be made of geometrical figures, as it were, and of a kind of pictures — just as the ancient Egyptians did, and the Chinese do today.” Suggesting that it would “render all knowledge demonstrative and allow disputes to be resolved by precise calculation.” He called it Characteristica Universalis

Characteristica Universalis

Ben Goertzel is the CEO and founder of SingularityNET, a project combining artificial intelligence and blockchain to democratize access to artificial intelligence. He calls it the Eurycosmos and Euryphysics.


Physix is a graphical language that documents the patterns of nature and represents emotional response using the spectrum. Objectively measured actions like entropic impact and imaginary vs physical (False/True) use the grayscale.

The patterns are fractal

Life cycles can be demonstrated

The geometric shapes designate the paradigms of power

The debut of the Think Tank on the world stage:

An introduction to Physix.

Using these shapes and colors, any idea or action can be diagrammed, the patterns analogous to the physical and psychological world.
Matched with words and pictures, this gives AI the ability to “see” emotional response and learn to reason in a format that can be shared between humans and machines. Over time, the database of ideas, actions and consequences yields wisdom.

Prajna → Deus Ex Machina.