Nerd War 1


On-chain Quality and Credibility metrics for corporations or persons.
Build the next generation of the internet that resolves existing conflicts of corporate, national or personal interests and scales to future capabilities.


The Network Monitor.
Current Champion:
Cordial World


Inflation-proof global cryptocurrency that can be tracked and taxed by governments, used for commerce or personal debts, and backed by the surplus wealth of the most productive, not fiat.
Current Champion:
Max Garcia


Human simulator that will project the effects of medicine, education, policies, foresee unintended consequences and help us prepare for the future.
Current Champion:
Dr. Dan

Be Green

Carbon Neutral solutions are sustainable.

Crown Joules

Failsafe sources of electricity. Surplus electricity would eliminate the socioeconomic problems of scarcity, the cost of living would approach zero.
Current Champion:

Solar Systemic Solutions

Efficient interplanetary travel.
Current Champion:
Elon Musk