Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,
With the greatest esteem for the office of the president, I am excited to write this letter to convey a message about Physix and how it can strengthen our tech industry and democratic institutions.

Physix is the name given to the idea and method of crowd-sourcing how people feel about the issues that impact them directly or indirectly in any geographical location. It is based on how the rainbow colour spectrum and gray scale identifies the range of emotions and allows its human users to graph their thoughts on a continuum.

In a world where data is King, Physix offers a better alternative to data collection using a decentralized system which enables everyone to see how his or her votes compares to those of others in real time. The most efficient solutions to societal problems can be crowd-sourced and implemented when Physix is used to record intent and measure impacts.

Nigeria, Africa’s largest democracy, holds a lot of benefits in the implementation of this technology in order to prove its viability in Silicon Valley. US tech startup, Physix:Q2, LLC is aware of Nigeria’s promising tech industry, it’s looking to bolster the country’s abilities for potential investment opportunities and seeks to achieve these goals at the lowest ecological and economic cost possible.

Yours faithfully,
Olayimika J. Oyebanji