Governor Mills,

I was born and raised in Dover-Foxcroft. I lived in Los Angeles for a decade before moving back in 2004.

The social problems of Dover are minor compared to LA, but almost all of them can be expressed very simply:
The people making decisions for one place don’t live there.

Maine is culturally and geographically diverse, the Rural/Urban divide is wide, corporate power exceeds that of entire counties.

Quantavote is real time ranked choice voting with the ability to define cultural boundaries by geographic area.

Instead of a recall after every election, government should be a competition of ideas and practical solutions performed by whoever is best equipped to solve them at the lowest cultural, economic and ecological cost. You are in a position of authority to make this happen. End politics as we know it.

In LA there are car alarms. I haven’t taken the keys out of my car in 17 years.

That should never change.

Save ME.

Dr. Dan