Honorable Shri Ram Nath Kovind

President of India

Respected Sir,

This is to request you to pay attention to my suggestion as a resident of New Delhi. India, as you know sir, is a land of multiple religions and cultures. Thus as most democracies in the world, we too face problems in the functioning of democracy in India. As the head of the state and as a citizen of India I am concerned with fixing this problem so that India can be peaceful and move from developing to developed country.

Me and my co-founder Dr. Dan Smith (USA) at Prajna Initiative, have come up with a concept of Physix to sort out the problems of democracies and world. Thus at Physix, what we are doing is to propose a model of Quantavote or Q-vote. It enhances the role of the voting system in a democracy. Not just yes or no but also you come to know the repercussions of writing a yes or no.  Physix will devise through the medium if the decision taken on any possible political, economic or social issue, is good, bad or neutral. Any issue can be represented through colored triangles, squares and circle. It would make even most difficult issue seem simple and explainable to a 5 year old. Voice of minorities and the last individual can be or as more aptly put: must be heard. A democracy can be enriched by Physix and Q-vote. Physix will lead to increased transparency, thus further the notion of democracy worldwide. No individual or group can now be cheated and a truer version of democracy can be displayable through simple diagrams. Q-vote allows better voter analytics to be collected. Likewise, it empowers the voter to better express their own perspective or view. Voice of even one would not be ignored. Whereby the right of minorities, women, dalit’s and indigenous population in worlds nation states and also small states in UN won’t be avoided.                         

I would request you to see the potential of the technology and give us a chance to explain this to you and its modalities.

Requesting your kind attention,

Dr. Tamanna Khosla

Director and co-founder

Prajna Initiative

New Delhi