Downtown Greenville Revitalization | Terrence J. DeWan & Associates

I’m Dr. Dan. I was born and raised in Dover-Foxcroft (F.A., ’89), in the 90’s I ended up in the insane asylum called California and got a job as a Computer System/Network Administrator during the dotcom bubble. I got married and we moved back where life is the way it should be in 2004.

I love Maine, and Greenville is special to me. Skiing at Squaw, Fly-ins, a cruise on the Kate. We’re privileged to live in an area so beautiful and distant from what makes headline news.

I like computers, but hate politics. I saw how Facebook became a new way to divide friends and families instead of an easy way to share a picture of your cat.

I’m a computer guy, I came up with a new system of feedback that solves the problems of Facebook, but maintains the useful and fun components. It’s called Physix.

Facebook uses icons, Physix is even simpler: Pick a color, any color to indicate your opinion.

Every opinion fits. As people vote, the results are shown as distribution patterns.

Something that everyone likes.

The feedback is anonymous, so you aren’t called a Nazi or a Commie if you accidentally click on the wrong icon.

Something controversial
No big deal, nothing exciting here.

What makes sense in the big city is frequently nonsense in a rural area and vice versa. Physix can be used as a political thermometer so the folks with the pointy heads and expensive suits don’t accidentally think they made a good decision for a place they’ve never been to.