Dear Governor Mills, Senators King and Collins:

You each have an envelope waiting to be opened.


Inside you’ll find ThoughtSticks made by kids from Maine.

They look something like this:


The were sent January 12th, 2022.

The kids are wondering how long it will take you to see them.

Here’s the story behind why they were sent:

Dan Smith was the system/network administrator of an internet startup in Southern California during the late 90’s through early 2000’s. In 2004, he and his Californian wife Monique took their kids out of the city to be raised in his hometown of Dover-Foxcroft. They operated several businesses together including his computer networking/repair business: Dr. Dan. Monique managed the books and kids who all graduated from Foxcroft Academy, after high school, one graduated from UMF, another from USM, the other joined the Air Force.

With help from dozens of exceptional people around the world, Dr. Dan has developed Physix. It’s a unique algorithm and feedback system to teach an AI how we reason, what is ethical, and among other things, how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government.

There are apps and systems to develop, the high tech, high paying jobs typically found in Silicon Valley will be created right here in Maine.

ThoughtSticks and SapienGame will be manufactured from Maine wood and sold around the world.

Dr. Khosla is a political scientist from India, she’ll be presenting the system of governance to the UN, we look forward to a conversation about the implications at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

The Prajna Initiative.

Dr. Tamanna Khosla, Director, Prajna Initiative

Requests a conversation with the State’s first woman Governor to talk about the future of democracy in a connected world.